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Enjoy this book bundle encouraging in your walk of faith through daily devotions and biblically aligned affirmations.  


The Busy Woman's Guide to Faith

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Books will ship late May 2020!

About The Busy Woman's Guide to Faith: 

As women we often deal with a full plate all while yearning for a simple, balanced life.  We find ourselves giving up time to manage our homes, jobs, businesses, and community with little time to focus on what matters the most.  Yes, every aspect of your life is important but nothing matters more than our relationship with God.  With Him, all things are possible, even living a healthy balanced spiritual and natural life.  The Busy Woman’s Guide to Faith was created with you in mind to help you affirm God’s plan over your life all while building your faith.  Let’s make the most of our time by taking control of how we spend our time.  


Graced for it Devotional: Your purpose matters

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About Graced for It Devotional Volume 1: 

Be inspired with this Anthology of women writing about their purpose and helping readers connect purpose, scripture, and life in order to be successful on this journey. Topics ranging from business ownership, self-care, spiritual growth, family and much more, reminding us that we are graced for it.